Gig Review: Swallow the Sun,Draconian, Shores of Null

Dani and myself have been fans of Swallow the Sun for years, so we elated when we were invited to cover this show and interview both Swallow the Sun and Draconian (both of which can be found on the Hornthrowers Youtube Channel) . Swallow the Sun, Draconian and Shores of Null played Rebellion in Manchester 08/04 / 23.

Photo Credit: Rob Goulding

Shores of Null began the evening in good form. They were a fantastic addition to the lineup, complementing both Draconian and Swallow the Sun’s melodic death-doom style whilst bringing somewhat more progressive elements. From their performance they are a band whose discography I will be delving deeper into.

Draconian were utterly spellbinding, as somebody who was fairly unfamiliar with the bands work prior to the gig I left feeling very impressed with a desire to explore their discography further. The interplay between Lisa’s melodic vocals and Anders Jacobsson’s harsh vocals were a perfect match and the drama and atmosphere they brought was utterly captivating. I will be seeing them again.

Photo Credit: Rob Goulding

Swallow the Sun were the third and final act of the evening and they were certainly worth the wait. Bringing their own brand of melodic death-doom and playing a varied career spanning set but with a heavy dose of tracks from their new album ‘ Moonflowers Bloom In Misery’. It’s very hard to write about doom bands without talking about atmosphere etc. Without trading in too many cliches Swallow the Sun brought it, their haunting music embellished by the excellent stage presence of their members beneath hooded robes. Swallow the sun were everything I was hoping they would be after years of adoring their discography and – like every band on the lineup- I would strongly recommend checking them out live.

Photo Credit: Rob Goulding

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