Single Premiere and Interview – Glyph – The Unfortunate Gentlemen in Question

We have teamed up with Shape of Storms Records, Fiadh Productions and Weregnome Records to bring you the latest single ‘The Unfortunate Gentleman in Question’ from Atmospheric Black Metal outfit Glyph. Glyphs latest album ‘Odes of Wailing, Hymns of Mourning’ is realising on the 6th of June. I caught up with Glyph for an interview about the latest record and the new single ‘The Unfortunate Gentleman in Question’.

First things first, who is the Unfortunate Gentleman in Question? 

He is a hypothetical (or maybe not…) adversary. Someone whose path you have crossed that would do well not to cross your path again. 

This is the 3rd single that’s been released so far, what new perspectives of the forthcoming album does it show in comparison to “Of the Caverns” and “A Most Unwholesome Interaction”?

‘Of the Caverns’ is a high energy song that functions as a great opener. It’s largely in a major key and moves very quickly which sets a nice pace to start the album. Our narrator has emerged from his dark abode and joined society. ‘A Most Unwholesome Interaction’ is a bit darker and slower.  The verses have a little blues feel in their movements and then you get sections of more traditional black metal. This is about halfway through the album and our narrator is deep in negativity. Now then, ‘The Unfortunate Gentleman in Question’. One element I try to incorporate into my sound is a little quirkiness and this album doesn’t have as much of that as in the past. A good example would be the song ‘Lost Beyond Time’ from 2022’s ‘Remind Us of the Sun’. ‘The Unfortunate Gentleman in Question’ is musically very demented while also having an almost menacing playful quality to the chorus. A quirkiness. Unserious yet unsettling. And also a warning to the unfortunate gentleman.

What have your main inspirations been whilst writing ‘Odes of Wailing, Hymns of Mourning’?

Human nature and human behavior. Not a terribly original answer but humanity’s ways are infinitely interesting. Our interactions with one another change depending on where we are and who else is present. Why? We are inconsistent. We are unsolvable puzzles. This specific album is looking more at the pains and questions of life and living in our flawed societies. From a non religious perspective our entire lives are spent without any answers at all. We just go about our business and nothing has any meaning to it. Every individual experiences the exact same existence from their own unique perspective and this album is an examination of it through my personal lens.

How has your song writing process changed between releases?

In my opinion this album is the biggest step forward between any of my releases. Not just in terms of quality of the music itself but how I worked to achieve that quality. The techniques and strategies. Most of my previous work was drums, bass, vocals, guitar, and occasionally a lead guitar or keyboard. Very typical instrumentation. This album has layers upon layers at all times. More of the wall of sound approach. At minimum two or three completely different ideas happening on guitar at almost all times. Some are obvious with headphones, others are buried in the mix. I tend to go a little wild on bass and I think I toned it down slightly on this album. It has its moments but overall I tried to hold it back some since there were other layers demanding your attention.

What would you like people to know before experiencing the record in full?

I set out to give listeners a different interpretation of black metal and most people that have heard the album think it does a good job of that. Nothing avant-garde or overly challenging. Just an attempt at a different perspective to provide something new for black metal fans. This album was inspired by the world we all live in and our interactions so maybe you can find something to identify with. 

What’s next for Glyph?

This album has been finished for well over a year now so I’m excited to get it out there and find ways to attract listeners. There are no plans for a live band but I will be seeking out all available promotional opportunities. I’ve started work on the next album but I won’t be in any rush. Don’t expect it next year but you never know. I’m always writing so you’ll likely get something new in some form sooner than later. Thank you for taking the time to do this and dive into my album and thank you to the readers. I hope you find something in here to connect to. 

You can listen to the latest single ‘The Unfortunate Gentleman in Question’ on the Hornthrowers YouTube channel as well as the usual streaming services, including the Glyph and label Bandcamp pages. You can pick up a copy of the record on June 6th via Shape of Storm Records (Vinyl), Fiadh Productions (CD) and Weregnome Records (Cassette). As usual, support Glyph via their Bandcamp page as well.

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