Hippie Death Cult – Helichrysum – Album Review

Review by Olivia Matthews

Hippie Death Cult are a doomy psych rock trio straight out of Portland Oregon. The band is comprised of founding member Eddie Brnabic on guitar, Laura Phillips on bass and vocals and last but not least drummer Harry Silvers. ‘Helichrysum’ which came out on October 20th, is a follow up to 2019’s ‘Circle of Days’ and is the first record to feature Laura’s vocals. This album may fall under the umbrella of psych rock but it delivers a far more diverse soundscape. The band themselves described it best when they said that “Helichrysum” promises to be an unapologetically deep, heavy and groovy album that showcases the band’s artistic growth and musical prowess”.

The song “Shadows” starts the album off right and is probably my favourite song on the album. It kicks off with a great drum groove before the bass and guitar join in with a mesmerising interplay between the rhythm and lead. The song then builds to a super catchy chorus. Following on from “Shadows” is the song “Better Days” which is super atmospheric and shows off the Laura’s vocal range to great effect.

I have already mentioned how this album often strays from the standard psych rock sound and this is demonstrated by the heavy elements on the song “Toxic Annihilator”. The song kicks off with a groove laden riff with harsh vocals before settling into a clean sung verse. The main riff carries the song and never gets tiring which is the sign of a good hook.

This is an album with amazing hooks and choruses, a great mix of enchanting guitar and bass playing, dynamic drums and a diverse sound scape which can traverse the line between enchanting and sludgy! This is definitely an album that you should check out if you are a fan of psych rock or doom, you are in for a treat! Helichrysum is out now on all streaming platforms an you can also grab a physical copy of what is a great album! Be sure to check them out when they come to a town/city near you.

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