EP Review: Manawyden – Wabash

Review by: Olivia Matthews

Manawydan – Wabash releasing May 26th via Liminal Dread Productions

Wabash is the new EP by Ohio based USBM project Manawydan. The title track is based upon the 1791 battle of the same name which saw indigenous armies successfully fight off the Imperialist forces in Ohio. Thematically this is in keeping with the subject matter that the USBM outfit discusses in its work. Accompanying the cassette release for the EP there is a short zine which contains more details on the battle, a nice touch for people who like collecting physical media.

The title track starts with isolated drums before launching into the dirty reverb laden riff. When the vocals kick in, they have a sort of Oranssi Pazuzu creepiness about them which is a positive in my books. The chorus is extremely catchy with the hook of “Rise up Warriors! One and All”, something you will find replaying in your head after listening. The guest solo by Aaron Cary of Nechochwen is an absolute treat, the rhythm section changes into a solid groove with the solo floating above seemingly blending in and out of the track. The drums provided by CJ Yacoub of Canis Dirus and Amun are also solid.

Track two of the EP is a cover of Musette and Drums by Cocteau twins, a genius idea for achieving a black gaze sound, something which many more bands should be doing! the following 3 tracks are remixes which do what they say on the tin.

All in all, I would encourage you to check this Manawydan release out as Wabash is a super catchy black metal track and the Coctaeu Twins cover is a really cool idea. Head over to the Manawydan Bandcamp page to grab your copy!

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