Cattle Decapitation – Terrasite – Album Review

Much loved California based death metal outfit Cattle Decapitation are set to release their much awaited sequel to their apocalyptic album ‘Death Atlas’. Their latest album ‘Terrasite’, we were sent an advanced copy of the new album and are pleased to report that this album not only hits hard and has all the elements of a cattle decapitation album that fans have come to expect and love but also shows a greater evolution and refinement of the sound progressive and more melodic elements showcased on ‘Death Atlas’.

The album continues with the apocalyptic themes of the previous album but builds on them, even from the album title meaning ‘Terrasite’ which is a compound of the Greek words Tera (earth) and Sitos (food) suggesting something that feeds off the earth and obviously being a pun on the word parasite. This theme is reflected in the lyrics and artwork of the album, portraying humanity as a parasite which is devouring the host organism, the earth.

Opening with the track ‘Terrasitic Adaptation’ unsettling ambient gargles and sounds of squelching ichor and viscera giving way to slower bombastic guitars …. only to have this shattered by a barrage of blast beats and harsh vocals. The guitars especially showcase the more progressive elements that have been a signature part of Cattle Decapitations sound in recent years. 

‘Scourge the offspring’ has a slow and grinding groove in places that is reminiscent of older death metal/ grind classics… which will alternate between some of the tightest double kicks I have heard. The track also showcases Travis Ryan’s versatility, changing between higher and more melodic vocals – which incidentally sacrifice nothing in intensity – with barbaric gutturals. 

‘The Insignificants’ showcases the technically proficient drumming which I previously mentioned, the opening fill demands your attention but the song evolves, including ambient sections and ending with a slower more driving almost ‘slam’ section that ends the song.

‘…and the World Will Go Without You’ offers a lyrically poignant message; that we are not destroying the planet, we are destroying ourselves, the planet will continue long after we have rendered it uninhabitable. These are realities that perhaps we do not really address in the current discourse surrounding the looming climate catastrophe, rather than talking about saving a planet that will almost certainly outlive our species we should be talking about saving ourselves from this oncoming disaster.

Every Human Has a Stake, Every Bone Will Bend and Break, And This World Will Go On Without You!

The album culminates with ‘Just Another Body’, a 10 minute epic that showcases all the aforementioned elements which has made this album a fantastic listen which I can foresee myself returning to many times after the publication of this article. Including a sombre piano intro, string sections and clean vocals all mixed up with elements of rhythmically complex extreme metal which provide for one of the most cathartic moments of the entire album.

‘Terrasite’ proves that Cattle Decapitation continue to surprise, innovate and refine their sound which is equal measures brutality and stark beauty. With biting social commentary on the continued and worsening ecological disaster we are all faced with. ‘ Terrasite’ in my opinion surpassed ‘Death “Atlas’ which I was not expecting as it was one of my favourite extreme metal releases of the last decade or so.

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